Mementoes online dating

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Mementoes online dating

* You must also complete the seventh palace to unlock this request.Even though Mishima gives you most of your requests throughout the game, the only way to get these requests is if you raise his Moon Confidant rank.

Make sure to read Mishima's texts in order to unlock them.

Sammy's diabetic wife, who wasn't sure if his condition was genuine, repeatedly requested Sammy's assistance with her insulin shots; she hoped he would remember having already given her an injection and would stop himself from giving her another before she died of an overdose.

However, Sammy continues to administer the injections, and his wife falls into a fatal coma.

For example, if you fight a Shadow that looks like Jack Frost, which should have a weakness to Fire and a resistance to Ice, it probably won't have those.

The Shadow's appearance is purely an aesthetic choice.

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So, Leonard conducts his own investigation using a convoluted system of notes, Polaroid photos, and tattoos.