Macdonald consolidating strike mandating school uniforms

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Planned river basin development based on dams and hydroelectricity.Public Works Administration (PWA) (1933) Created under the National Industrial Recovery Act.

Made permanent by Rural Electrification Act (1936). Treasury, and later the Public Buildings Administration (PBA), to create new post office buildings and artworks in post offices.These are based heavily on primary sources (which are cited) and are as accurate as possible.National Industrial Recovery Act (1933) Created National Recovery Administration (NRA).Glass-Steagall Banking Act (1933) Created Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to insure personal bank accounts Separated commercial from investment banking – The ‘Firewall.’ Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) (1933) Insured bank deposits against bank failure, up to a certain level.Securities Act (1933) & Securities Exchange Act (1934) Created Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Gave financial aid to states to support local relief programs for the destitute.