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Brachycephalic animals can be sensitive to either very high or very low temperatures, so it is important to protect your dog from excessive heat or excessive cold, and on extreme temperature days, it may be best to exercise indoors.

Dental care should also be addressed on a regular basis as this dog’s brachycephalic facial structure, and small size may make it more susceptible to dental disease.

The fur should frame their face but shouldn’t hide their large expressive eyes.

The dog’s heavily furred ears generally hang down like pendants, and the tail is held in a curve over the back and is also heavily plumed.

Security cameras captured several images of the bandit, who was wearing a black dress and white sunglasses, Norwood said.

The accused dog bandit was apparently helped by another woman, who had a child with her, Norwood said.

Shih Tzu’s who have been groomed this way will still require brushing and combing every two or three days, and they should have their faces wiped down several times a day to prevent staining of the facial fur.

These dogs do best when exercised for short periods at least one or two times daily to maintain their fitness, but they aren’t overly active even in small living spaces.

These dogs do require more grooming care than many other breeds due to their double coat of long, flowing hair, but they are generally companionable to both people and animals.This breed comes in many colors, from black to white and anything in between and black markings, tan markings, and black masks are recognized as acceptable for this breed.The elegant show coat also requires a great deal of grooming to prevent serious tangles from matting the coat and causing damage to the underlying skin.Bathing should take place on a weekly basis, and daily brushing and combing are required to keep the coat clean and healthy.Even though this breed typically has a lower shed rate than others, when this dog matures at around two years old the dog will shed more heavily for a short period of time while the juvenile coat is replaced by the mature coat.

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They were frequently favored by the royalty of China and kept at court as far back as the Tang dynasty, which lasted from 618 to 907.