Facebook dating site nzd

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Facebook dating site nzd

I have EMailed this place & Sturm-Technologies 4 Times, Still Nothing Since 12/16/17. Will contact my Credit Card Company to file a Complaint Against this Site & Sturm-Technologies!! It is very similar to the real one but offers no contact details or where their from, only an email! please help how to return my money I have 4 charges charged to my AE as follows:12/6/17 1.0512/6/17 3.1712/8/17 3.1712/25/17 6.34I think the 6.34 is for colorfly on my computer which I would like to cancel since I no longer use it. An amount was taken on the credit card different to that authorised and the goods delived were not as ordered.After entering my details for payment I relieved an email with a fake order code and the debit would show up as"Vocci Eva Estore" . my credit card is charged for two sums for recipient pes * xm gwjck co, ltd and fht * mbifengs. I can get no response from the merchant but the site is still operating.Gracias Hi i've been charged as PES*muchcome from Kashi (Kashgar Cina)from a site that i think is a fraud since i've been charged in chinese currency without secure code question and I wrote some mails but no answer I made an online purchase a of 61.00.When I didn’t receive a confirmation email, I checked my credit card statement and the amount was different and so was the vendor (Gpay*sitewhole Shenzhen She 518042 Chn.I contacted i Robot and they know nothing of the order.

All very suspect - I have also fallen foul of them - I received the completely wrong product, worth 10% of the value of my order! AVOID AT ALL COSTS - Sorry, I know it is too late for you. All very suspect - I have also fallen foul of them - I received the completely wrong product, worth 10% of the value of my order! AVOID AT ALL COSTS - Sorry, I know it is too late for you. November 2017sewing machine Singer was ordered and paid in the amount of 35.54 euros or 276.30 HRK PES HANGZHOU YIMAI ; HANGZHOU/22.11./CNY and untill today no goods were received by the Chinese company that charged the stated amount of moneyand they said that the goods will arrive in a 5-6 days time . January 2018 no money refunded and no goods delivered . Bought what I thought was Paul Smith Boots price was £68.83 was charged £7.50 for postage when I checked my account the amount withdrawn was £86.18 from BJ Dz Terda Tech. This card is more of my spare emergency card for the last few months.PES HANGZHOU YIMAI FRAUDS COMPANY FROM CHINA should be reported to the Departement of Consumer Affairs ant undertake a lawful steps to forbid this "Company"to scam people all over the world . My bank asked me if this was correct I didn’t realise they had changed the amount, looks like this is a fake site will see what bank say. Does anyone know or have dealt with a company calling themselves colorfulshopping, I purchased a sewing machine from them was sent email with shipping details .....since then nothing, unable to get onto their web site and yes your right no sewing machine ? I've had money stolen from my visa card by helpdeskhgww Online Gb.Who is this An Unauthorized transaction taken from my account11 Jan '18 POS W/D 162.36BRL @ 2.3174 conversion rate (INC. CC*empty BARUERI 11 Jan '18 POS W/D 162.36BRL @ 2.3174 conversion rate (INC. CC*empty BARUERI I purchased X3 table tennis blade costing at US.90 on 22 November 2017 .87 on the 7th of December 2017, 7 on the 21st of December 2017 and 1.87 on the 3rd of January 2018.Needless to say I have cancelled my order with them and contacted the bank! I was charged was a charge for CTBILL *votorantim on my statements and went into my local bank to check this transaction out. In my statement appears PES*ALICYONLINE - Men and women's clothing Stores, and I went to I am waiting to see the outcome of the legitimate transaction as that (2nd) transaction was not authorized. to buy a Singer sewing machine at 22 November 2017 and until now nothing....

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