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The Atlas Mountain region has three distinct ranges, known as the Middle, High, and Anti-Atlas.

All have indigenous Berber populations and a strong Islamic base.It is this mix of European and Arab influence, loyalty to the king and a strong Islamic base, that creates the uniquely Moroccan identity. Morocco is slightly larger than the state of California, covering approximately 174,000 square miles (447,000 square kilometers), and lies in northern Africa just south of the Strait of Gibraltar.Its bordering countries are Spain to the north, Algeria to the east, and the disputed Western Sahara territory to the south.Vastly different from the bustling cities, the countryside allows these groups to maintain their tribal tradition as farmers.Finally, a corner of the Sahara desert lies in the southeastern part of Morocco, where few nomadic people remain and a desert climate prevails. The current population of Morocco is approximately 30 million, half of whom are under the age of nineteen.

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, Morocco was believed to be the westernmost point in the world.

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