Dating polish man

Posted by / 08-Sep-2017 11:02

They have fancy manners (which I love) when it comes to opening doors, standing when a woman comes into the room, offering her a seat on the bus and all that good stuff.

The sluttyness of their dress, their provocative manner, circling around the men like choice pieces of meat; they might as well have carried a sign. If you don’t want to date into the local culture, then options are limited.Having only lived in two other countries other than the US, this post will be limited in the scope of its observations. Warsaw has a huge expat population and with an increasing number of international companies setting up shop in Poland, it will continue to grow.I wish I had the chance to live in at least one modern Western country other than the US to draw some true parallels. I’m not even going to count all the thousands of kids that come in on the Erasmus program or other educational programs to pursue higher education.I see no conflict with having a man show me the respect I deserve as a woman, and still treat me like an equal.Polish men are raised to be the strong silent type to the nth degree.

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