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"I really agree with the business community, obvi- ously," Sheets said.

"1 sent down a tax classification which I thought was fair and it was changed. If the bills were late, the mayor said, then payments would not have been due until the next quarter, caus- ing a cash crunch where the city would have had to bor- row -25 million, at 4 percent interest, just to meet payroll demands.

Sean Lombard Merrymount It would be to have snow on Christmas Eve because it gets everyone in the Christmas spirit.

I hope the homeless could have money so they can buy food and clothes.In addition to the Mandella, the Sachem got an impromptu song from Colleen Bellotti, four-year-old daughter of Sheriff and Mrs. She belted out "Tomorrow" from "Annie" and wanted the Sachem to know that the song w as a favor- ite of Grandpa Frank Bellotti (the former attorney gen- eral and lieutenant governor.) The youngsters introduced themselves to the Sa- chem and then had a few questions for him: Q: What time do you get up in the morning? Toys For Tots and other programs help with this problem. Nicole Tucker Merrymount It would be to visit my family in the Philippines and California.Christel Lantin Merrymount It would be that my parents live a long and healthy life because I love them.which has been in the family since 1923, was the keynote speaker for the business community Monday in what was called the "Business State of the City" address, in reference to the mayor's State of the City address given only hours earlier. It (Cont'd on page 11) "We will cooperate with them in that abatement process," Sheets said.Godwin said recent ac- tions on the part of the city send "the clear message that the business community is the enemy." "Quincy enters the new century strong and healthy," she said. "We will make sure the asses- sor's office works with the business community and, if the assessor's office wants to do a mailing, this office would help." The mayor's comments came in response to a Quincy Business Council meeting where QBC mem- bers were urged to seek tax abatements in protest of the new 175 percent tax classi- fication passed by the City Council and signed by the mayor.

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I III 2.8 IIIM IIIIIM 1.25 1.4 III 2.5 II 2.2 [ 2.0 1.8 1.6 A APPLIED IK/M GE Inc ^^ '.-.53 Eos! 14609 USA "— ^16) 482 - 0300 - Phone — "16) 288 - 5989 - Fax ^ .^ % % \. and keynpte speaker; Robert Guamieri, Colonial Federal Savings Bank; James Mu Uaney, Mu Uaney & Mullaney CPA: Sean Galvin, Galvin Construction Co.; and Bruce Wood of Wood Communications. The Business Council, which represents 500 busi- nesses located in Quincy, indicated it will look into the legality of the city coun- cil's surprise vote which amended Mayor James Sheets' proposed 169 per- cent classification for busi- nesses.